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Energy Efficiency and Excellence

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Green Source Electric is a family owned and operated business in the greater Helena/Townsend area. We perform a wide range of services from custom electrical work to full-scale commercial jobs. When we work with clients we always keep energy efficiency and todays best practices in mind.  Whether you need residential or commercial electrical services, we will take the time to complete a high quality job.  Add design elements that give your home, business or shop functionality, efficiency and a focal statement. Give us a call and see how we can help your space shine.





Inquiries and Free Consultations

For any inquiries, questions or to schedule a free consultation, please call: (406) 465-9593 or fill out the following form

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Servicing The Greater Helena and Townsend Areas

Tel: (406) 465-9593


We are always looking for qualified electricians. Whether you are a master electrician or even an apprentice, we always value hard work. Please send your resume and cover letter to:

Get a quote: (406) 465-9593

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